Warburton apologizes to fans

Rangers manager Mark Warburton has apologized to the fans after their defeat against Celtic 5-1.

Fans around Scotland have been angered by the way Celtic humiliated Rangers and Mark Warburton was keen to apologize. He said that he understands how the fans feel and that the players will be working hard to prevent a repeat of such a performance.

The manager was keen to stress out that there is not a big difference in class between Celtic and Rangers. Many pundits have argued that Celtic was the better team, and the result was just a proof. However, the Rangers coach believes that the score line does not reflect the true balance of power. He admitted that Celtic was better on the day, but he believes that Rangers can do better. He said that fans should give the players some time to adapt to the pace of the Scottish league and once this is done, they will see the real strength of Rangers.

Mark Warburton said that he has signed some players late in the transfer window and that these players will need some time before playing to their full potential. He said that the players will have to work harder in training and that they should prepare themselves well for the next game. He stated that he will not accept any other result except a victory in their next match and that they should do their best in order to help fans forget about this poor result.

Mark Warburton has asked the fans to give him some time and to judge the team at the end of the season. He believes that he has a quality squad and that the players only need some time in order to learn how to play together. He believes that Rangers can still win the title, and that fans should remain behind the team.