The former Celtic captain Tom Boyd has said that the Scottish Premier league should look into the prospect of stripping Rangers for the title they have won. They should also give Tom Boyd the stripped titles due to the fact that it were denied to him in unethical circumstances.

The former Celtic captain Tom Boyd won three major titles during his illustrious career with the Scottish club. However, the former player now has said that he should have won six major titles due to the fact that Rangers were not entirely honest in their efforts to pursue the three titles.

The club was recently put into administration after being found to be in debts of around £ 140 million. The club was relegated from the Scottish Premier league. It may take at least three seasons before they are able to play in the old firm derby against Celtic. The Scottish Premier league has been rocked by the news that Rangers will not be able to play in the top division for at least three seasons. This is expected to severely impact the league as a whole due to the TV revenues that it may decrease. The official broadcaster – Sky – though has said that they do not plan to reduce the outlay.

“I’d probably be due more than a couple [of medals], I think, when you look back on the number of years. We’ll wait and see the outcome of the appeal. The correct thing to do is not so much give it to other teams but punish those teams for losing it if they have found to have been getting in fraudulently or cheating through that way. Obviously, yes, I think the appropriate punishment would be to strip them of these titles. But we will wait and see if that has been the case," said Tom Boyd.