Rangers Penalized For Villarreal Incidents By UEFA

The club of Ibrox was charged for incidents which took place at a match which included a supporter running onto the pitch of the ground and one more supporter threw a plastic bottle which narrowly evaded a police officer in charge of the stadium. All these incidents happened at a match which held in Europa League in the last month. The match of Rangers FC was against their arch-rival; Villarreal CF. The Premiership Club of Ladbrokes was also charged by the governing body of the European Football for another incidence of bottle throwing which was thrown by a fan of the club.

A statement made by the UEFA club read as “Strict disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against the Rangers FC following the incident that took place in the UEFA Europa League, in the match of group stage which was played between Villarreal CF and Rangers FC (0-0), which was played on 29th of November in Scotland.”

“The chargers which were framed against the Rangers FC were under art. 16 (2) of the disciplinary regulations of the UEFA“ and these included the field invasions by the fans & supporters and throwing of tangible objects.” These acts were found to be the gross violation of the code of UEFA. The case was dealt on 13th December “by the UEFA control“, ethical and disciplinary body.

The fan, who ran onto the pitch has admitted the offense and has pleaded guilty for the same offense. And another person who threw a bottle on the police officer was charged for committing assault, and he has also pleaded guilty for this offense. Both the offenses took place after the winger; Daniel Candeias of Rangers was arbitrarily shown a yellow card for the second time before the half-time.