The Scottish Premier league club Rangers could lose players in the January transfer window according to the manager Ally McCoist. McCoist has been given the task of getting the team back into the top flight of Scottish football, but so far they have been unable to dominate the third division itself.

This has led to a lot of disgruntled Rangers supporters voicing their opinions in recent weeks. The club will not be able to add any players until the year due to the transfer ban, but they can lose players if they are subject to bids from other clubs.

McCoist has said that there is a real danger that Rangers will loosen number of high profile players during the January transfer window. Despite being struck with a lot of financial difficulties, Rangers have been criticised for making a lot of signings before the start of the transfer ban. So far, it has proved to be having a negligible effect on the team because they have been unable to dominate the third division. The recent run of good form, though, has helped the team open a 17 point advantage at the top of the table along with a superior goal difference. They are expected to be promoted to the Scottish second division automatically.

"I would be hopeful we would continue with the squad we have. It goes with the territory, there is no use worrying about it. We hope it won't be the case because we've got a small enough squad at the moment and it's been well enough documented that we can't bring anybody in. I would be disappointed to lose anybody. Rangers will be playing against Queens Park during the weekend, and the Rangers manager spoke with delight about playing in the Glasgow derby. This is also the final game of 2012 for Rangers.