McCoist Reveals No Bonus For Promotion

Rangers manager Ally McCoist has revealed that neither him nor his players will be receiving any bonuses for achieving promotion this campaign. The club recently promoted back to the Scottish championship and it was the second back-to-back promotion achieved under McCoist. This has increased expectations that the club will be back in the Premier league sooner rather than later. Due to the overwhelming financial difficulties at the club, McCoist has revealed that he has not decided to take any bonus following this season’s success.

He has also revealed that the players have also accepted his decision and will also not be receiving any bonuses. The club chairman Graham Wallace, though, will be getting a 100% bonus on his annual wages of £ 300,000. A lot of support has been going in for McCoist in the last few weeks. The manager is one of the staff to have taken a 50% wage cut after the club were relegated to the third division of Scottish football following a lot of financial difficulties. Rangers went into administration and had to sell most of their squad in order to remain afloat.

McCoist has admitted that it is very frustrating time for club, but he is confident that they will come through it much stronger than before.

“It’s probably the only time I can remember it happening. It’s quite unusual. Our lads haven’t mumped and moaned about it. They’ve just got the job done, both last season and this season. It’s frustrating that we’re doing our jobs but there still seems to be a lot of uncertainty surrounding the club. If we could go into next season with the fans and board in unison it would be the best thing for everybody,” said McCoist, who will be sitting down with Wallace in order to determine the transfer budget in the summer.