McCoist Prepares For New Season

Rangers experienced going through successful season which has seen them earning a promotion spot to the Scottish Championship League. The side of Ally McCoist collected a total of 102 points throughout the entirety of the past season which was more than enough for them to conclude the campaign at the highest spot of the standings.

Ally McCoist is preparing his team for the upcoming season by making changes in the club as well as attempting to sign new arrivals and has already signed Kenny Miller from Vancouver Whitecaps who will be making his way to the Ibrox Stadium for a 3rd occasion.

Kenny Miller and Vancouver Whitecaps both mutually agreed to terminate the remaining 2 months which was left in the contract of the 34 year old Scottish attacker and Rangers took advantage of this by signing Miller on a year deal.

Miller revealed details on why he decided to return to the Ibrox Stadium as he stated that one of the main reasons was because of the chance to work once more with Ally McCoist.

"I had a number of offers once I left Vancouver but I had my heart set on returning to Ibrox and I can't wait to get started again. I built up a relationship with Coisty, or the gaffer actually, probably over the last eight or nine years’’.

"Obviously when we went with the Scotland set-up as well I got on great with him and under Walter Smith I felt he got the best out of me. So to come back here now and have the opportunity to work with Ally as the main man is great." Miller revealed.

Miller is confident that being able to play and work alongside with Ally McCoist will make him perform better which is an important factor considering the fact that the Scottish striker is reaching the last few years of his professional playing career.