Celtic manager Neil Lennon has said that Rangers should be allowed to get on with playing in the top division of Scottish Premier league if new owners arrive at the club.

There is a real danger that Rangers might be relegated to the second division or even the third division even after the arrival of the new owners. It is thought that Rangers might have debts up to £ 150 million, which would almost be impossible for the club to pay due to their value. As a result, it is thought that the old firm derby that recently took place between the two clubs is one of the last for the next few years at least.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon, though, believes that Rangers should be allowed to play in the top division of the Scottish league by showing that they can run in a proper way. The administrators at Rangers have said that they have identified three potential buyers for the club in the last few months. All these three buyers have categorically said that the time of big spending at Rangers is finally over and that they have to live within the means. Neil Lennon argues that this should be taken for granted and the old firm derby should be allowed to stay.

"There is no show like punch. Regardless of all the other stuff that comes with the Celtic-Rangers scenario, those games have been fantastic to be part of. But Rangers have to sort themselves out. You can't ride roughshod over other clubs or the game and expect not to be punished for it. It's a bit of a shambles really. A club as big as that, the way it has been run for the last few years, it's shocking really. Hopefully there can be a resolution pretty soon and we'll see where it takes them," said manager Lennon.