Increase your success at sports betting

The secret of increasing your success at sports betting is value betting. This is betting on events where you consider the chances of winning are higher than the odds that are on offer.

Effectively you are looking for overpriced odds. Value bets are rarely found on favourites; they are generally available for less likely winners and outsiders.

Value bets are more likely to lose than non-value bets, but in the long run enough of them will win to deliver you with a profit. Even if you win just one in every four of them, if the odds are in your favour then it will be profitable.

So, how do you pick value bets? There are a number of things to look out for. For instance a side that has been doing very badly might be re-inspired by an event such as a popular signing or a new manager; a key player might have returned to the team following an injury or a suspension; the opposition might be withholding some key players in order to save them for another game that is deemed to be more important.

Obviously you need a good understanding and knowledge of the particular sport. You need to study form, keep completely up to date regarding all of the issues, read the views of experts and pundits, and be flexible.
Things can change right at the last moment, and you need to react to the changes ahead of the bookmakers. Another useful approach is to price up events yourself before the bookmakers do, and then compare your prices with those that are posted subsequently.

Another way of looking at it is that you are minimising the effects of chance. Unlike betting at an online where games of chance such as roulette and blackjack are governed by a house edge that you can do nothing to alter, with value betting you are creating an edge in your favour. The only way you can do that at a real casino is by counting cards, but that doesn’t work online.