David Bates Says He Do Not Feel Bad For Leaving Ibrox, Instead He Think, His Move To Hamburg Is Good

David Bates is now young and twenty two years old and during summer he made a move that shocked everyone, the move was he switched to club Germany. He did this after his contract got expired. The surprising element in the whole thing is that, David Bates walked out of Ibrox few times before Steven Gerrard took entry into the team.

But, Bates has maintained he does not feel bad for leaving the team. He said he will be the part of the Rangers revolution of Liverpool legend. The decision of Bates to move Glasgow to Hamburg, which is downside club from Glasgow, has surprised many of Gers fans. On the other hand, for Bates this is not at all a big deal, according to him leaving one big club for another is nothing much to talk about.

And just like Steven Gerrard, after the move, what is concerning him the most is helping his new club to lift its position again. After thirteen games, everything is moving on in the planned manner, Hamburg is now ahead of Bundesliga 2. Now, Bates’ game has received reward with a call-up of Scotland from Alex McLeish.

The main players of the team injured mean, it is his time to debut in Albania, “the match which is going to take place on Saturday night“ and Bates accepts that his first cap of international will be the proof of his decision. In a short interview, Bates said: “Should I need to regrets for leaving Ibrox before “the arrival of Gerrard?“ I don’t think so.

“I am also a big fan of Rangers and I believe things that they are doing is great. My support is always with them. I am happy for Rangers. But, now I am at Hamburg and I have my career to think about. I am now concentrating on the same.”