Celtic vs. Rangers, Old Firm Clashing Led to High Drama

Celtic had defeated the Rangers and has taken a step closer to the 8th consecutive title of Scottish Premiership. For 7 years, the fixtures have usually been a non-event. In recent times, Celtic trampled over the Rangers. As a matter of fact, some of the meetings have been discomfortingly one-sided. There is a financial gap between the clubs. However, it was on Sunday the football contest came back. It was not a regular Celtic win.

The decision which had been taken by both the club of reducing ticket allocation in this season has changed the atmosphere of the Old Firm. The advantage of the home team had been diluted a bit by the noise and the color which was generated from the six thousand fans that visited the game.

The match swung in one way and then in the other way. “ The strengths and weaknesses of both the teams had been exposed due to the rawness of the situation“.Steven Gerrard had also given up on the notion that Celtic Park is a lion’s den and named the same eleven who had dominated “in the December champion“. He maintained his faith is tested and tried the framework.

He was depending Alfredo Morelos, the most trusted player for giving an excellent performance during this big occasion. Unlikely for the Rangers, the striker failed to deliver a good performance. The goal scoring record of Morelos is formidable. When he was in his best, he had been unplayable. Sunday proved to be a nightmare for Morelos and this was mostly self-inflicted. The most unfortunate incident for Rangers was the season’s 5th red card for the Columbian. The true test of a performer is to play when faced with a demanding situation but Morelos failed to deliver it.