Charles Green has confirmed that there is every opportunity that Rangers could be allowed to sign players before they actually come out of administration.

Charles Green is exploring the opportunity by having the Company Voluntary Arrangement approved shortly. This would mean that the club would have a cooling-off period of 28 days. Green also confirmed that the club will not be losing any money in buying the players because most of them are free transfers. Due to the financial situation within Europe at the moment, a lot of high-profile players have been released by the clubs.

Green also has said that the club will not find any difficulty in paying them their wages because he has given £ 1.5 million to the new wage budget of the club. This would allow them to have a strong squad in line for the start of the new season. It has been a troubled season for Rangers after they were docked points. They ultimately finished the season many points behind Celtic, which is the worst possible scenario for the Rangers fans. The club now are hoping to get back to their true strength, and Charles Green reckons that signing players is an important aspect of it.

"If you are correct, that is an avenue open to the club. No money is required for players. Most are free because of the financial crisis across Europe. That's why I've added £1.5m to the budget. I've been speaking to a number of people, some of whom are connected to our investors, some not. I've said all along, stadium-naming is an emotive issue, but whatever we do it would always be Ibrox Stadium," said Charles Green in response to the possibility of Rangers being freed from the transfer embargo of 12 months that has been put into effect during this season.